Sunday, 21 February 2016

britain's eu referendum


the prime minister of the uk has announced that he is to set a referendum next year for Britain to decide whether to stay in or go out the eu.
the eu project is failing. Greece is almost out of the union. eu could not bail out and bail out Greece for the nth time. the germans are not happy that they are being thrifty and that the southern hemisphere of the eu is spending profusely.
only 28 nations of the possible 50+ countries are in the eu club.
so what is the big deal, if uk is out of the eu.
there will a lot of debates in regards to this referendum.
there will be implications to most of the OFWs in the uk.
if you are affected or if you have thoughts about this referendum, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

presidential candidates debate


there are several post of pictures being posted in the social media (namely facebook). pictures of the presidential candidates having a debate. nothing wrong with that. the concern is that, is there really a meaning to this event?
America and western countries have this kind of platform where in candidates are given chance to tell the public who they are and what their purpose is. You might heard that the republican candidate Mr trump boycotted a debate prior the iowa convention, then he lost. at present he has won more delegates than that of his closest contenders. debate could be positive.
the problem is that with any media orientated spectacle, debates do not give the reality of what is in offer. it only gives a superficial image of who the person is. yes, it will tell you that roxas graduated in America so as poe. binay a law graduate from up and duterte as well. well who could forget Miriam, she too is a lawyer.
at the end this kind of debates will not translate to any democracy. up until the Philippine nation awakens to the idea of a great nation, we will expect that the next president is not the true reflection of the Filipino vote.
Debate or not, it is debatable.
if you really want to know about your candidate, do not go to facebook. if you really want to know your candidate, find out how much they are net worth. if they are rich enough to run a poor country then they may be rich enough to enrich themselves.
post your thoughts and comments. we need to hear from you.
remember, rizal said that nasa kabataan nakasalalay and kinabukasan.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

making money in london

if you know someone in the uk who is interested in making money please do not hesitate to make a comment on this blog, the author will make contact with them.
this opportunity is not quick easy money scheme, this is hard graft and you need to allocate time and effort.
this is not a scam, serious people only.

why does filipinos behave differently abroad

have you ever thought that when Filipinos are abroad they seem to be disciplined and when the are in the Philippines they do not care less?
the big question is Why?
the premise of the author is that the Filipino is able to be a disciplined identity, it all changes when familiarity of the place occurs. like in the Philippines then the Filipino would naturally say, I know how things run in this place, I do not need to follow the rules.
it could be that the enforcement of the law is better abroad than in the Philippines. the rule of the law is well implemented abroad whilst in the Philippines it is the elite who implement the rule of the law.
behaviour is learnt. the habit that we have brings about our behaviour. it starts with what we think, then what we say then how we act. actions that is repetitive becomes a habit.
we could be great again. apparently the population is now around 110 million.
how can we mould ourselves and become disciplined people. ask the 110 million Filipinos, what do they think?

you, what do you think?

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Ash wednesday

it is the season of lent again.
the priest who celebrated mass today said that there are three things that we need to understand: prayer, abstinence and charity. We need to pray for God's mercy because we have sinned. abstinence to all that is not good and share the mercy of God. The ashes that is placed in our foreheads symbolizes that we are dirty(sinners) but it symbolizes our hope that one day the mercy of God washes away our sins.
dear readers, it is lent again, 46 days after Christmas including sundays. may we reflect on the deeds we did to anyone and that we hope that god gives us his mercy. in saying that we need to be merciful as well.
please do not lose your faith even the whole world is trying to obscure your faith. people nowadays believe so much in themselves that their existence is not of something powerful but of a scientific origin. if people do not believe in something greater out there, who is greater than human then? the black hole?
have a blessed Lenten season ahead and may god continue to bless you.