Tuesday, 29 November 2016

storm is getting worst

whilst I am thinking that it is several days to Christmas, the challenge in our area due to thick snow is at hand. i reckon that the snow thickness on the ground is somewhere at least 8 inches. ☃☃☃☃☃☃
what can we do?

wishful thinking is to eat the wonderful delicacies in the above picture. yummy!
back to reality, i just spent a lot of energies shovelling. the shovel that was included in the emergency kit was not sufficient. i need a bigger shovel. good thing my neighbour lent me his shovel which is big. but mind you, it is a difficult task ahead. the car park is full of snow.
i thought snow is fun and a lot of snowmen?
can you relate to my story, why not comment.

Monday, 28 November 2016

winter storm

it is not that I am not accustomed to winter but by a big mile, the winter today is horrendous!

😟 was the expression that was on my face. what to do now? good thing that we were able to buy some snow stuffs in cases of this.
judging from the snows height from the ground probably it is somewhere 3-4 inches.
it is slippery and driving is tricky, I would say horrendous.
apparently there is a big wind blowing cold air towards the vicinity thus this situation. reports are suggesting that this could last the whole week.
any help from our readers?

Friday, 25 November 2016

black friday

whoever coined black Friday may have his/her reason but hey people here in the United States are preparing themselves to splurge their monies to buy discounted cheap items. well that is what most people say and of course the media and adverts claim.
Apple company is also in the mix in the black Friday spectacle. they are offering gift cards when you buy their products.
I wonder, how does company makes profit during black Friday? Hmmm, some expert would say that due to the volume of sales the small margins would still translate to profits. personally, I think it is just a simple ploy that if you are not really paying attention, you will be duped. I read in an article that items or products usually become inflated during the year and the prices will go down come black Friday. another way to look at this bonanza sale is that products and items are over-inflated that retailers are still able to sell their product cheaper that usual.
unless you have a lot to spend, black Friday is good for you. like me, I do not have any job at present and have no money, black Friday is not important.
other claims that people should shun black Friday, and start having an attitude of "nothing to buy on Friday".
well, in this capitalist world of our, money still reigns the world. until there are a lot of consumers out there who are willing to spend, spend and spend then black Friday will still be there.
do you have any views about black Friday, why not drop me a comment.

Thursday, 24 November 2016


thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States --- it is a national holiday. usually at the end of November, in Britain we remember the Guy Fawkes. Though the almost destruction of the Westminster Castle is something, Brits usually remembers it is not a holiday.
thanksgiving as it is literally means giving thanks. it is said by many locals who I have chatted that the forefathers of this land who migrated from Europe were thankful to the God almighty that they have found new territories and escaped the impending death.
unlike the experience, I had (which is crossing the Atlantic via a plane), the European forefathers crossed the Atlantic and reach the United States through the ships.
my next question was, why turkey? apparently when the forebears crossed the Atlantic, the fowl was the common source of food.
in my own personal capacity, thanksgiving is a nice gesture by the Americans. seldom do we see that a nation celebrates its relationship with the omnipotent. in the monetary systems of the US, you could find the words "in God we trust".
in saying that everyday should be a thanksgiving day. God gave as the present to fulfil his promise.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

thanksgiving invites

It is unusual for me to receive text messages (SMS) from acquaintances or friends. It is probably they are not interested to send me a text or they do not know my contact details. Either way, I have received an invite from a Maltese neighbour who is married to a Filipina, to celebrate thanksgiving in their place. That was a text message from him and it is one of those messages that I seldom receive. Prior to that text message I bump into him on my way to the communal gym (yes, you have read it right, since I am currently unemployed I spend time in a gym--- dual purpose, to watch telly and to exercise) and he said the same invitation. I told the Maltese bloke that I will confer with my wife (I am from the family tree of Andres---not Bonifacio but De Saya).
My wife have received an invite from the Maltese bloke's spouse as well. My wife told me as well that a co worker of hers invited her for a thanksgiving party. The co worker's party was earlier to the one happening in our neighbourhood.
In the backdrop, news about snow falling and cold weather were looming.
In the end it was the eye problem my wife had that disallowed us from attending.
After work, I picked my wife from work and we went to the pharmacy. I wanted her to buy stuffs to help her alleviate the signs and symptoms of her eye problem.
In the United States, you need to have a health insurance to avail healthcare which at the moment would not kick in for us up until December. May God continue to help us. If you do not have any health insurance, you will pay loads of dollars (reads: fortune).
I attempted to apply for the Obama Care but to no avail. I was told that even I am unemployed & only my wife is working, the salary she had is enough.
When, my wife and I finished buying things from the pharmacist, we went home and I tried to cheer her up with a "Crispy Pata and a Bitswelas stew".
That was the eve before thanksgiving for us.
Thank God for those texts and invites, people still remembers us.